Superplasticizer Admixture

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The Superplasticizer Admixture is a liquid additive for concrete which works as a water reducers. It uses the well disperse particle suspension for admixtures. These polymers avoid particle segregation and improve the flow characteristics as a dispersant. When it added to the concrete mortar, then it reduces the water to cement ratio without affecting the mixture quality. Even it improves the performance drastically. The reason behind it is when the water to cement ratio decreases the strength of concrete increases. Out of all type of Superplasticizer, one of the excellent choices is Sulfonated Melamine-Formaldehyde Condensate Powder (SMF), and you will find the best quality of SMF powder from here.

Functions Of Superplasticizer Admixture:

The concrete admixtures are used as per the requirement to change the properties of concrete. And the function of it is given below:

  • Increase workability
  • Accelerate both initial and final setting times
  • Prevent as well as reduce settlement
  • Create a slight expansion in mortar and concrete.
  • Modify the rate of bleeding
  • Reduce segregation
  • Improve penetration and pumpability
  • Reduce the rate of slump loss


Blend the grout, mortar, and packaged concrete with the superplasticizer admixture as per the dosage rate. It is a dissolved form of a powder that can be used as a primary or secondary ingredient in admixture formulation. If you are using the emulsions superplasticizer Powder, then it can be dissolved in water-based emulsions.


Superplasticizer admixture is a cost-effective solution that provides unique and vital performance benefits, which are given here:

  • Increased density
  • Greater volume stability
  • Improved bond strength
  • Reduced shrinkage cracking
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Reduced segregation and bleeding
  • Decreased permeability
  • Higher early and ultimate strength


The compatibility of superplasticizer admixture depends on the type of superplasticizer, type of cement and cement-superplasticizer compatibilities.


After knowing the benefits, keep in mind that due to delay in setting time it can cause rapid slump loss, loss of air, and delayed finishing. So to avoid it read the guideline to use it and then proceed.

Product Specification

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